"At school, I like science now. Visions of Science helps me understand science better and now I’m getting better grades.”

– Reginald, Grade 6, Driftwood Community Centre

Visions of Science Network for Learning Inc. (VoSNL) is a charitable organization that aims to advance the educational achievements and career aspirations of youth from low-income and marginalized communities through meaningful engagement in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields and research.

The Issue

Children and youth from low-income and marginalized communities face numerous barriers to meaningful STEM engagement. This often result in their persistent under-representation in STEM field and research. 

Our Strategy

VoSNL's programs offer a unique and comprehensive network of learning opportunities for youth who are traditionally under-represented in STEM. Youth gain equitable access to hand's on STEM learning, education and mentorship opportunities to achieve measurable success.

What we do...

  • Bring STEM learning to life by connecting youth to STEM professionals and exposing them to a variety of career options
  • Create hands-on learning environments where students can engage in scientific thinking and experimentation with the freedom to learn from their mistakes
  • Encourage youth to solve real world problems so they better understand how they can contribute to society
  • Provide a forum for leadership and team building within a STEM learning environment
  • Help parents, caregivers and program supporters understand STEM learning
  • Reduce financial and other barriers to make STEM learning accessible and fun

How we do it...

Our programs and initiatives create an accessible and supportive STEM learning network. Program staff, volunteers and community stakeholders work together to ensure that participants are engaged, skilled and knowledgeable in STEM fields as they progress from childhood, to adolescence, and into adulthood. 

Icons Designed by Freepik and distributed by Flaticon

Icons Designed by Freepik and distributed by Flaticon

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