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On March 22, 2014 all of VoSNL clubs had the privilege of welcoming the guests of 
Attraction Chimique all of the way from the University of Laval in Quebec! The participants gathered at Ryerson University for an amazing time learning about “The Chemistry of Food” and “Materials: United we Stand”. Everyone had a great time and VoSNL send a big thank you out to our awesome guests! Thank you Attraction Chimique

Ontario Science Centre (2014)

It’s always a fun time at the Ontario Science Centre! The VOSNL clubs got to 
participate in the “Challenge Zone” activity that had them racing against time to save 
an endangered species! Congratulations to our 2013 Swansea Mews club for doing a 
great presentation in the “Hot Zone”. 


It’s a wrap! The Year End Event for VoSNL did not disappoint as usual. All of the 
VoSNL clubs, volunteers and guest had a great time in Ryerson’s Sear’s Atrium with 
stellar presentations from all of the clubs! Greater things to come for next year! 

VOSNL CLUBS (2013/2014)

Science Centre (2013)

Special Program (2013)

Year End Event April (2013)

SCIENCE CLUB (2012-2013)