October 26, 2018- TedxToronto Conference

Dr. Eugenia Duodu shares her story of growing up in a low-income Toronto community and the impact she seeks to have as the CEO of Visions of Science. Her talk explores the themes of identity, community, connection and more.

April 29, 2017- The 5th Annual Visionary Expo

Our 5th annual Visionary Expo on April 29 2017. Over 350 youth and volunteers from 19 Community STEM Clubs across the GTHA celebrating STEM learning in science-fair style presentations.

March 18, 2017 - STEM Day at UTM

Our first annual STEM Day on March 18, 2017 held in partnership with the University of Toronto Mississauga. Over 80 youth from 9 of our community STEM clubs exploring science at the university!

Community STEM Clubs Promo

A quick look at the impact of our Community STEM Clubs on participants and volunteers.


September 10, 2019 - Globe and Mail

How Toronto scientist Eugenia Duodu fought gender and racial stereotypes to pursue her chosen field

February 1, 2019 - TD Canada

Building legacy through a celebration of black voices

CEO Dr. Eugenia Duodu is profiled in TD Canada’s Celebration of Black History Month, where she shares her experiences of growing up and pursuing science despite the lack of representative role models in the field. Youth from the Community STEM Clubs program are also featured.

December 21, 2018 - The Marilyn Dennis Show

Tatyana Buntin, 1st graduate of the Visions’ STEM Community Leaders program and current Community STEM Clubs volunteer is profiled on The Marilyn Dennis Show for her outstanding commitment to developing communities.

October 25, 2018: Toronto Star

Growing up, she dared not dream she could be a scientist. Now she’s helping hundreds of kids believe it's possible

An in-depth piece exploring CEO Dr. Eugenia Duodu’s path to science and how her commitment to increasing STEM access is opening doors for youth across Toronto. VoS STEM Community Leader Nawaal Ali Sharif is featured sharing her experiences of being empowered through the organization.

October 25, 2018- Chatelaine: The Secret To Encouraging Your Kid’s Interest In STEM

Written by Dr. Eugenia Dudou herself, our Executive Director and CEO reflects on the important role that parents play and how her own mother fiercely advocated for her to have a place in STEM.


November 12, 2017- TedxToronto Conference

Dr. Eugenia Duodu shares her journey to becoming "an unlikely scientist", what it meant to grow up with few role models that looked like her and navigating crippling impostor syndrome as a low-income youth.


May 19, 2017- Global National: Everyday Hero

Our CEO, Eugenia Duodu and Visions of Science were featured in Global News' Everyday Hero segment.


February 23, 2017- CBC's HerStory in Black

Our CEO, Eugenia Duodu was featured in HERstory in Black and honoured amongst 150 Black Canadian Women who have made notable achievements in their fields and in the community! Eugenia's story was highlighted as well as her work in leading Visions of Science. Read the article here and watch the segment from CBC's the National below.

Eugenia Duodu is the CEO of Visions of Science. (Leilah Dhore)

Eugenia Duodu is the CEO of Visions of Science. (Leilah Dhore)

Two women from different backgrounds find ways to succeed in their own fields and then use their success to give back to their community. Inspiring stories from Anayah Phares (0.00) and Eugenia Duodu (3.25)