What is the STEM Community Leaders Program?

With the success and high retention rate of the Community STEM Clubs program, there arose a need to extend and expand STEM engagement opportunities for youth in grades 8 to 12. In response to this need, we developed and implemented the STEM Community Leaders (SCL) program.

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This program provides youth with advanced and immersive  STEM-based experiential learning opportunities directed towards the pursuit of postsecondary education and enhanced career aspirations. The program also provides a forum for community-based leadership and skill development by giving youth an opportunity to engage as facilitators within their community. We ultimately want to empower youth from our communities to become leaders for change.

The three main program components are:

  • Experiential STEM Learning
  • Leadership and Positive Skills Development
  • Community Engagement


Grades 8 to 12


  • Term I: Summer (July-August)
  • Term II: Fall (October to December)
  • Term III: Winter (January to May)


There is no open application process for this program at this time. 

To read more about our pilot summer term please read our blog here!